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Real Time Face Recognition for Security Service System with Google Assistant for Data Recall

Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia, Francesco Salvetti
Keywords: Deep Learning, Face Recognition, Edge AI, Google Assistant

Using a multi-task cascaded convolutional neural network and embeddings on a Jetson Xavier in order to construct a face recognition system. All stored data can be recall and access with the Google Assistant.

Face Mask Detection at the Edge

Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia
Keywords: Deep Learning, Face Detection, Edge AI, Computer Vision

Face mask detection on Edge TPU at more than 50 fps.

Person Detection Web Application

Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia, Francesco Salvetti
Keywords: Deep Learning, Object Detection, Edge AI, Flask

Single Shot Multibox Detector served with as simple web app application.

OIDv4 ToolKit

Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia, Angelo Tartaglia
Keywords: Deep Learning, Object Detection

Download and visualize images and labels of the Open Image Dataset v4.


Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia, Simone Angarano, Mauro Martini
Keywords: Deep Learning, TensorFlow2.x, Domain Generalization

We made a simple wrapper that takes as input whichever backbone and a classification head for feature extraction and classification, respectively, and apply RSC regularizer.

Rock - Paper - Scissor
on Edge TPUs

Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia, Francesco Salvetti
Keywords: Deep Learning, Coral Devices, Edge AI, TPU

I trained a very simple and dumb CNN (feel free to improve it) on the Rock-Paper-Scissor dataset and I made it run on a Coral Dev Board, a Raspberry 4 with the USB Coral Accelerator (connected to USB 3 port) and Raspberry 3 with the USB Coral Accelerator (USB 2 port).

Forward-Forward Algorithm

Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia
Keywords: MLP, FF algorithm

Experiment with MLP and the Forward-Forward Algorithm.

Keyword Transformer

Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia
Keywords: Keyword Detector, Transformer

Train and test a KWT on Speech Commands.


Researchers:  Vittorio Mazzia, Francesco Salvetti, Simone Angarano, Federico Angelini
Keywords: Action Recognition, Dataset

MPOSE2021 Dataset for short-time Human Action Recognition (HAR).